Where Every Detail Is Intentionally Perfect

Luxury Wedding Planner SERVING Washington D.C. & BEYOND

Weddings are soulful celebrations that go beyond the glossy aesthetics and that’s what we embody. To us, a luxury wedding is more than just a picture-perfect setup; it's about crafting an entire experience of beauty. Every moment should unfold flawlessly because you deserve to enjoy every second of your event, just the way it was meant to be.

Beauty Underpinned
By Logistical Excellence

Beyond our incredibly warm nature, lies a collective of fierce executors who carefully optimize every second to ensure your day flows without fault.

At the forefront, your wedding will radiate class, sophistication, and intimate charm, but beyond the surface will be a team of highly experienced planners, armed with contingency plans from A to E.

We believe beauty should always be rooted in logistical excellence. The kind that exceeds visuals and extends to how you and your guests feel throughout the entirety of the event. Because we realize that the present moment is all that exists, so those moments have to be perfect.

Because the present moment is all that truly exists



Planning a beautiful, personal wedding is just the tip of the iceberg. It’s the flawless execution of each second that requires the expertise of seasoned professionals.

With over 15 years of experience, our founder Briana has earned her reputation as a stellar wedding planner in Washington D.C, Northern Virginia, and Maryland. Supported by lead planners LynnAaron and Kara, they specialize in delivering thoughtful, elegant, and wildly romantic weddings. Whether it’s a grand, three day celebration or a more intimate affair, their signature execution skills will leave you speechless - because perfection is the only option.


Emily and Jake

“The Nouvelle team's knowledge and expertise in the wedding market is simply unparalleled. And nowhere was that more on display than in transforming our wedding venue into the most beautiful backdrop for our wedding. We were simply blown away.”

It's a Moment Like No Other

We want all of our couples to feel comfortable enough to share their deepest sentiments with us. We know it’s a cliché, but we really strive to be more than just wedding planners. We want you to think of us as your trusted friends throughout your wedding journey.

When you walk into your venue, you should feel a warm embrace of familiarity. Where every detail speaks to your heart and you feel truly connected to that moment in time. Each element should resonate with your deepest vision because we understand that the little things often hold the greatest significance. It's a moment like no other. Knowing you're about to celebrate your love surrounded by what truly matters to you. A feeling that’s hard to match.