Nouvelle Weddings originated just outside of Washington D.C. in 2009 by founder Briana. A warm-hearted and deeply personable individual who discovered her love for creating extraordinary weddings when she started her fruitful career in the world of event planning.

Transitioning from an employed planner to a visionary wedding curator, Briana crafted weddings that were not just beautiful but profoundly meaningful. She set out to design wildly romantic celebrations that welcomed individuals from all cultures, religions, and relationships, embracing any couple that loved deeply into the Nouvelle Wedding experience.

As Briana grew Nouvelle weddings, she attracted more like-minded professionals - LynnAaron and Kara. Two powerhouse planners who shared Briana's passion for crafting boundary-pushing experiences. Together, they formed the backbone of Nouvelle Weddings, a dynamic trio ready to take the wedding world by storm.

And take it they did. With a team of wedding day managers in tow, Nouvelle Weddings became synonymous with logistical prowess and creative genius. No detail was overlooked, no idea left unexplored. From flawless execution to jaw-dropping design, Nouvelle Weddings set a new standard for what a wedding could - and should - be.

To inspire one of the most meaningful moments in your life is an honor, which is why through seamless execution we make sure every second is faultless. From the moment you step into your venue, time stands still and perfection surrounds you.

Our primary focus is ensuring that you and each of your guests, experience beauty in every essence of the word - the surroundings, the atmosphere and the service to make you feel pampered and truly special.

We craft weddings that feel grand yet cozy, luxurious yet understated and most importantly a wedding where you are mirrored into every detail.

Transparency is key to our approach. If there's anything that could impact the guest experience, we'll address it head-on. As your trusted experts with over 15 years of experience, we're here to guide you through the planning process, ensuring that every detail contributes to your vision of the perfect day.


 A day that will stay with you forever.